Scorpion For Chemistry

The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it the ideal choice for synthetic chemists to automate High-Throughput Experimentation in your lab

With the Scorpion, a synthetic chemist can see a 10-fold increase or more in the number of experiments being performed.
The Scorpion can access 6 deck positions with a minimal footprint. The unique lightweight and durable delta arm design allows for an open work space.
The high-speed arm movements increase throughput and facilitate the transfer of solvents without dripping.
The enclosed work space can be filled with gas to create an inert environment.
The open design of the work space and powerful software allow the system to be configured for virtually any type of lab ware. Dram tubes, glass vials, deep well blocks, and many others.
The pipette tips are compatible with a wide range of solvents.