Real-Time PCR-Based HLA Typing With Results in Less Than 1 Hour

What is QTYPE 11?

For samples that need to be processed fast, QTYPE 11 offers rapid and accurate Real-Time PCR-based HLA typing for 11 loci with a low-to-intermediate resolution.

Benefits of QTYPE 11?

  • Fast: HLA typing in less than 1 hour and <10 mins of hands-on time
  • High robustness: Each allele covered by multiple reactions
  • Enhanced resolution: Sequence-specific detection and multiplexing
  • Seamless: Single-step setup and easy analysis

How does QTYPE 11 Work?

QTYPE 11 is a rapid HLA typing solution, designed to provide results within one hour. Kits include a DNA well plate pre-aliquoted with dried primers and probes that are designed to bind with select alleles.

A Complete Workflow that Offers Speed and Precision in Real Time