Bioplastics Roche Mag-NA Pure

Bioplastics Deep Well 96 Process Plate Roche Comp

Compatible to Mag-NA Pure 96 Processing Cartridge Deep well plates with 96 cavities Barcoded

Natural , Box of 6 x 5 plates

These plates are designed for a variety of applications whereas it is typically used as processing cartridge in DNA/RNA extraction kits and automation as Roche Mag-na pure DNA extraction equipment. This 96 Processing Cartridge is nuclease free and manufactured with optimized in house blended and extruded Polypropylene (PP). This PP composition has extreme low binding characteristics to bio-molecules as DNA and RNA and the product can be used in many downstream applications. The plate can handle a temperature range of -80°C to 100°C. DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogen free. Unique barcoded by means of embedded irreverseable lasering . Deep well plates with 96 cavities used for sample input /process. High walls of each well minimizes potential risk of cross-contamination.

Quantitybox of 30