New High Speed, Low Volume Screen Builder from ARI

posted on Thursday, 18th July 2013 at 09:47

The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it ideal for setting up 24 or 96 way grids. The wide range of dispense volumes also let you set up 24 well optimization plates. With the ability to accommodate deep well blocks, 15 ml tubes, 50 ml tubes plus

The Scorpion Screen Builder is a high speed single channel pipettor. This extremely versatile work station can be used to perform anything that you can do with a hand-held pipettor, with the speed, reliability and precision of an automated dispenser.

The Scorpion can access 6 deck positions, in a minimal footprint. These positions can accommodate 15ml tube racks, 50 mL tube racks, deep well blocks, standard 96 and 24 well protein crystallization plates, as well as tip racks. Available pipette tips include 50µL, 200µL and 1mL volumes.

The deck can accommodate 96 racked 15mL tubes. This allows the Scorpion to re-array commercial screens purchased in 15ml tubes into a 96-well plate in approximately 25 minutes.

The intuitive and easy to use software allows for the easy design of n-dimension grids and arrays. Using a straight forward software interface, grids can easily be set up across a plate or in any portion of a plate. One grid pattern can be overlayed over another grid pattern. The software graphically shows the contents of each well.

An entire 24-well protein crystallization optimization plate can be setup using the Scorpion. The optimization screen can be defined and built using the software, and the Scorpion can build the screen reservoir and dispense the protein.

More information: http://alphabiotech.co.uk/showproduct.php?pageNum_rsShowProduct=6&totalRows_rsShowProduct=7&catID=2

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