Olerup Announces Distribution of Conexio SBT Revolver Line

posted on Tuesday, 25th June 2013 at 10:11

Olerup to distribute Conexio SBT products into the HLA market.

19 May 2011

At the recent EFI meeting in Prague Olerup revealed it has the distribution and marketing rights for the CONEXIO SBT product line. Thereby Olerup will be able to further increase focus and service towards the HLA community. In addition Olerup also distributes Olerup SSP® HLA typing products within this segment.
"This is a big step for us and we expect the collaboration with Conexio to broaden and strengthen our position on the global HLA typing market with a very competitive SBT solution that complements our current product portfolio. It is also a proof that we, in a very short period of time, have been able to build a global organization that can handle distribution and sales for new innovative products towards the transplantation market. The potential for SBT is at least as big as our SSP business", says Dr. Olle Olerup, CEO Olerup SSP

For further information email sales@alphabiotech.co.uk

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