Alpha Biotech are authorised dealers for equipment and supplies from the following manufacturers:

Absorber AB

AbSorber is an innovative biotech company dedicated to bring value to the transplant community. AbSorber's research is focused on developing products for allogeneic transplantation.XM-ONE®,AbSorbers first product to market, was registered within the EU in 2006 and received FDA registration in late 2008. It is currently used for enhanced risk assessement before transplantation.
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AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics Ab

AlphaHelix Molecular Diagnostics AB is becoming recognized worldwide as a supplier of superior technology for DNA identification and quantitation in molecular diagnostics and life science research. AlphaHelix develops, manufactures and markets products for DNA-identification and quantitation. Our proprietary SuperConvection technology enables very rapid PCR and qPCR, High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis and cycle sequencing reactions. They supply easy to use robotic systems for PCR set-up.
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Art Robbins Instruments

Alpha Biotech has a long association with Art Robbins and is the official distributers for all of the Art Robbins Instruments range of HLA, Crystallography and Genomics products. We can offer a full and comprehensive Service and Maintenance package on any of your existing Art Robbins Instrument equipment as well as any older equipment you might have such as the Hydraâ„¢ or Serum Dispenserâ„¢. Please contact us with details of your requirements and our Service Manager Tim Fleming will be happy to help.
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Bioplastics BV

BIOplastics designs and manufactures products from polymer plastics, (Injection Moulded) and acrylics materials, for use in the (molecular biology) laboratory field. These products are high-quality, state-of-the-art and offer great added value.
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After 25 years of ongoing refinement, Brandel harvesters, plate sealers and suprafusion units are quite simply the best in the world. Brandel's versatility, operating efficiency and reliability mean you'll enjoy those savings for years to come – in fact, some of our first models are still in use.
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Cedarlane Diagnostics endeavors to provide Canadian customers with premium quality clinical and diagnostic products.
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Elchrom Scientific AG

Elchrom Scientific is focused on the development of new materials and methodologies for the separation of nucleic acids. Elchrom Scientific technology and products represent state-of-the-art solutions in electrophoresis. Elchrom Scientific sets new quality standards in DNA/RNA electrophoresis and oligonucleotide purification. Elchrom's ready-to-use gels are based on a novel matrix and are ideal for a wide range of applications in plant, human and animal genomics. The gels offer a sensational resolution (up to 1 bp), unsurpassed reproducibility and are designed for high throughput and speed.
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Starting with 4 employees and a software program written in DOS, much has changed over the last years. Nowadays GenDx supports HLA typing laboratories with the newest technologies and optimized workflows for HLA typing and chimerism monitoring. We offer a unique pre-transplant approach for Sanger-based strategies, Next-Generation Sequencing approaches and Chimerism monitoring after transplantation.
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Microsonic Systems

Microsonic Systems produces high-powered ultrasonic fluid processing devices for use in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Their instruments utilize ultrasonic micromixers built with MEMS technology to provide microscale mixing to these markets.
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Olerup SSP AB

Olerup SSP AB is world leader in the development of kits for genomic HLA typing, a required step prior to a transplantation to match the donor and recipient. HLA typing is a standard procedure prior to bone marrow transplantations (hematopathic stem cell transplantations) and is also used in conjunction with organ transplantations (kidney, lung, heart, etc.)
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Picodrop Ltd.

Picodrop provides the ultimate solution to microliter spectrophotometry...use samples down to 2uL and even recover your sample after use. Picodrop uses a unique patented design which for the first time allows UV/Vis measurements to be taken directly through the pipette tip!
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​Providing Innovative Instrumentation and Services Solutions Protein BioSolutions is a provider of innovation protein instrumentation and service solutions. We provide viable solutions for scientists involved in protein production, purification, characterization crystallography and DNA sequencing. We provide instrumentation and service for instruments and devices to assist in the protein production work flow. We are based in Gaithersburg, MD but we have partners around the US and the world to provide sales and service support.
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SPI Supplies

Structure Probe, Inc. was founded in April, 1970 by Charles A. Garber, Ph. D., who was President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm until his death in September 2007. Mrs. Violet Garber is the current President and CEO. From the starting point of one of the first scanning electron microscopes commercially imported into the USA and three employees, Dr. Garber directed the company's growth into a facility with 30+ employees and thousands of dollars worth of electron optical equipment. Over the years, our analytical equipment capabilities have been expanded to include other types of electron optical instrumentation such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and energy dispersive x-ray microanalysis (EDS) instrumentation. With our in-house instrumentation we can provide images covering a wide range of materials, from life sciences to the materials sciences, and from relatively large samples and features down the very finest of nanostructures ever seen. We also have facilities for performing light microscopy, ultramicrotomy (room temperature and cryo), vacuum deposition, ion milling, and a variety of other techniques including osmium plasma coating of SEM samples for those requiring the very highest resolution. Few independent analytical and testing laboratories can offer such a powerful combined capability today. Although for many years we presented ourselves as Specialists in Materials Research, today we are equally comfortable and experienced with a wide range of life science samples as well as medical devices and biomaterials. Our failure analysis reports are used in legal cases internationally and a final report from the Structure Probe staff is respected and accepted globally.

Structure Probe, Inc. wurde im April 1970 von Charles A. Garber, Ph.D., gegründet. Dr Garber blieb Präsident und Chief Executive Officer des Unternehmens bis zu seinem Tod im September 2007. Frau Violet Garber ist die aktuelle Präsidentin und CEO. Seit Beginn des Unternehmens mit einem der ersten kommerziell in den USA eingeführten Rasterelektronenmikroskope und drei Mitarbeitern, leitete Dr. Garber das Wachstum von Structure Probe, Inc. in eine Einrichtung mit 30 + Mitarbeiter und elektronenoptischen Geräten im Wert von Tausenden von Dollar. Im Laufe der Jahre sind die Funktionen unserer Analysegeräte erweitert worden, um andere Arten von elektronenoptischer Instrumentierung wie Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie (TEM ) und energiedispersive Röntgenmikroanalyse ( EDS) zu ermöglichen. Mit unseren hauseigenen Instrumenten können wir Bilder einer breiten Palette von Materialien, von den Biowissenschaften zu den Materialwissenschaften auch von relativ großen Proben zur Verfügung stellen und zeigen Ihnen die feinsten von Nanostrukturen die Sie je gesehen haben. Wir haben auch Einrichtungen zur Durchführung von Lichtmikroskopie, Ultramikrotomie (Raumtemperatur und Kryo ), Vakuumabscheidung, Ionenfräsen und eine Vielzahl von anderen Techniken wie Osmium Plasmabeschichtung von SEM -Proben für die, die höchste Auflösung erfordern. Nur wenige unabhängige Analyse-und Testlabors können eine so starke kombinierte Fähigkeit bieten. Obwohl wir uns seit vielen Jahren als Spezialisten in der Materialforschung präsentierten, sind wir gleichermaßen komfortabel und erfahren mit einer breiten Palette von Life Science Proben sowie Medizinprodukten und Biomaterialien. Unsere Fehleranalyseberichte werden in Rechtsfällen international verwendet und ein Abschlussbericht der Structure Probe Mitarbeiter wird weltweit respektiert und akzeptiert.
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    Alphabiotech was present at the 30th annual BSHI conference held in Leicester.
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  3. SPI and Alphabiotech Enter Into Distribution Agreement To Supply The German Market on 28th February 2014
    The internationally renowned electron microscopy company, SPI and Alphabiotech Ltd have entered into an agreement whereby Alphabiotech will distribute the SPI products into the German market.
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