Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by our clients about the products we distribute. If your question is not answered here, please get in touch and we will endeavour to provide you with the required information.

AlphaBiotech FAQs

What do I need to do if I want my order to be zero rated for VAT?

We can only zero rate supplies if we are provided with an appropriate signed VAT exemption certificate with every order.

How do I arrange a demonstration or quotation for a particular product?

Please email sales@alphabiotech.co.uk and you will be contacted to arrange demostration dates or quotation requirements.

Absorber FAQs

What cut-off values should be used for XM-ONE®?

Positive and negative controls are required to interpret the test result. A test sample contains antibodies if it is substantially higher than the negative control. Actual cut-off values depend on the type of equipment used and on the settings. Each testing center has to set its own cut-off values for the XM-ONE® assay, as is the case for all flow cytometry crossmatches performed today. Example: In a clinical multi-center study performed by AbSorber at five centers using the same equipment, significantly higher rejection frequencies were observed in patients with 50 channel shifts in IgG or 80 channel shifts in IgM compared to the negative control. However, at one center using different equipment, cut-off values were 300 channel shifts for IgG and 400 for IgM. The result of our clinical study could guide other centers when selecting cut-off values in relation to clinical relevance.

What kind of magnet should be used for isolating the endothelial precursor cells?

Several magnets can be used. We recommend the following magnets Dynal MPC-Lt, DynaMag-15 (sold by Invitrogen) or The Big Easy EasySep Magnet sold by Stem Cell Technologies. Performance of other magnets can not be guaranteed and have to be tested by the performing laboratory. Use of to strong magnets may result in aggregation of beads that can be difficult to dissolve

How many endothelial precursor cells could you expect to isolate from a normal healthy adult donor?

Endothelial precursor cells normally constitute approximately 2% of the PBMC. The actual number will then be determined by the amount of blood cells collected.

Art Robbins Instruments

Can any of the ARI dispense Lipidic Cubic Phase?

The latest member of the Gryphon family includes a dedicated Lipidic Cubic Phase dispenser. The syringe based dispenser can dispense 25 nL of LCP at 5% CVs. A 96 well LCP plate is ready to seal in less than 2 minutes.

Aurora Biomed

What volume range can the VERSA instruments dispense?

The VERSA liquid handling modules allow for a wide range of volumes extending into nanolitre volumes. The reliable and reproducible nanopipettor is highly useful for low volume aspiration and dispension operations. The ReagentDrop module presents high-speed dispense functions from on-line reagent bottles.

Bioplastics BV

What is the minimum volume recommended in Bioplastics QPCR vessels?

Low evaporation properties enable (q)PCR performance in low volumes which greatly reduces reagent costs (up to 60%). BIOplastics does not recommend its products to be used with volumes below 5 µl.

Can BIOplastics qPCR tubes be used for low copy number samples?

BIOplastics (q)PCR and micro centrifuge tubes are developed with a specific blend of polypropylene. The blend is designed to maximize product functionality and application while providing extremely low binding characteristics to DNA, RNA and proteins. Due to this extremely low binding PP properties the products are superior for detection of low copy numbers of DNA, RNA and proteins permitting reagent components such as ions and enzymes are solely used for the reaction process, not sticking to the vessel surface.


What is the process in deciding which is the correct harvester for my research?

We suggest you first consider whether you plan to use a direct radioactive plate reader or a liquid scintillation counter after harvesting, and then follow the menu at left. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call. Tell us how you plan to use your harvester and we'll be happy to help identify the system that best suits your needs

Emerald Biosystems

How many separate reagents can the Opti-Matrix Maker use at any one time?

The Opti Matrix Maker dispenses 96 formulations in a matrix using 11 stocks. Functions like the Matrix Maker, but is small enough to work on your desktop or lab bench.

Using the Emerald PlugMaker, how many different conditions can be produced on a single CrystalCard?

Up to 800 experiments can be set up with only 4 µL protein, greatly increasing your chances of obtaining a crystal.

Microsonic Systems FAQs

What technology does the Microsonic's Hendrix unit utilise?

Microsonic Systems new patented Lateral Ultrasonic Thrust™ (LUT™) technology works by using a Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based transducer, which when excited with RF power generates ultrasonic waves.

Mole Genetics AS FAQs

Which sample types have been used on the Mole system?

Please follow the link to the MoleCookbook - http://www.molecookbook.com/ for a list of some of the samples extracted on the Mole system.

Olerup SSP AB FAQs

Where can I find the MSDS information for Olerup Kits?

Please follow the link: http://www.olerup-ssp.com/products/technical/msds/

Picodrop Ltd FAQs

How often does Picodrop need recalibrating?

The Picodrop autocalibrates itself using a calibration constant that is registered on the pcb. The instrument has no moving parts and as such the calibration will remain constant. We do recommend that the wavelength standard is used every month to check the absolute absorbance value. The standard should show 46ng/ul+/-2.5ng…if the vaue is low or the reproducibility is too variable then we recommend a clean of the holder and lenses. Cleaning is a simple procedure which involves simple bathing the holder in water for a couple of hours and allowing to dry. A more intense cleaning can be done by removing the lenses and cleaning with solvent but this is not usually necessary.

Is it possible to blank on air?

It is not possible to blank on air as air scatters the light, water or sample buffer should always be used.


Which applications are the Xiril systems most suited for?

DNA Isolation, RNA Isolation, PCR Setup, FTA Technology, MRSA Extraction, ELISA Preparation, General Liquid Handling, Hit Picking, Replication Reformatting, Serial Dilution.

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